Petro-Surf – Porsche convention set against the backdrop of surfing sports on Sylt

Surfing competitions plus an island full of 911s – paired with a sea breeze, panoramic dunes, live music and art: both relaxed and in high spirits, people gathered at this year’s Petro Surf Festival on Sylt. Sander fitted in perfectly with the laid-back atmosphere. Our Super Ocean Edition was Breitling’s way of presenting its Super Ocean Heritage watch on the island.No ordinary car would do for the watch manufacturer – there are enough of those around already. Automotive works of art were in demand, so the decision was made in favour of a Sander. The combination of extravagant colours, the sophisticated workmanship and the conceptual quality make the ‘Breitling Sander’ a unique artomobile.


Purist character and timeless design