A passion for what they do

By masters of
their craft.

The finest craftsmanship goes into a Sander; the vehicles are entrusted only to true specialists in their field. The hand-picked crew brings a wealth of experience, passion and attention to detail – together, their aim is to create something very special: perfect design, razor-sharp precision and sophisticated technology. We know the story behind every single one of our vehicles, and pass that on to our customers with every conversion.

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Our field of expertise:
passion in every detail

Discover for yourself how much enthusiasm, time and sheer passion we invest in each of our specialist fields.

Power, vibration, rich sound – a Sander lets you know what drives it.

The engine is not only the drive and source of power, it’s the beating heart of every +D38 Sander. Fine-tuning down to the smallest detail is what achieves its high performance and distinguishes its unique characteristics. As ‘heart surgeons’, we have been fortunate to enlist family businesses with over 40 years of racing experience, both in the driver’s seat and at the drawing board. We don’t just simply buy spare parts or tuning components. We revise existing parts, develop our own components and use the most suitable Porsche spare parts from six different 911 series and the exclusive Porsche racing models. Oscar Wilde captures our philosophy so aptly, it’s as if he’d been part of the team: we have ‘the simplest tastes’ and are ‘always satisfied with the best’.On the test bench, our engine specialists can identify and solve any problem, no matter how small, while optimising the performance and drivability of our engines. One of our most complex tasks is to design an engine and its exhaust system in tandem. This increases the performance of our air-cooled engines to three times that of the F model – TÜV seal included.

Texture, structure, individuality: interior design with high-end materials

Fancy feeling a Sander? Certainly! And not only the sensuous curves of metal and carbon that make up the exterior of the Sander, but also the entire interior, which is crafted with materials of the highest quality and aesthetic standards. From the finest nappa leather from Poltrona Frau to goatskin and exclusively woven fabrics, each piece is a testament to the outstanding craftsmanship of our upholsterers. Demanding the right expertise and care, the workmanship in the Sander turns the interior of the car into something truly special. Even complicated geometries can be upholstered – trims and panelling are individually tailored to each car. After all, Porsche was much more tolerant of dimensional differences in the 1960s and 1970s than we are today. So, depending on your preferences, leather and carpet, braided leather, individual decorative stitching, embossing or embroidery in the leather can be used to create a perfectly crafted interior design that is guaranteed to be unique.

Chrome and light in perfect harmony

Not all chrome is the same. Gleaming and sparkling – chrome can do that at any quality level. But how do you get a chrome surface completely free of air pockets, blow holes and irregularities?At Sander, we’re only satisfied with surfaces that flawlessly reflect a mirror image. Before a component is chromium-plated, the substrate is first copper-plated and polished by hand in dozens of grinding operations to an uncompromisingly smooth surface. It’s only then that the wafer-thin layer of chrome is applied, which ensures a timeless high gloss. Once this is completed, nothing more should be able to harm the highly sensitive surfaces: that’s why special transport methods and support frames are developed to prevent torsion and compression after chrome plating. A special courier then takes the workpieces from the chrome plater to the Sander workshop – nothing is left to chance and certainly not to the hands of strangers.

Utmost care to the very core

Every industrial paint finish – even on vehicles in the higher-end price category – has imperfections: depending on the incidence of light, an orange peel effect can be clearly seen. In the case of a Sander, this is why paint jobs are only carried out by hand. This involves elaborate preparatory work, countless sanding processes and carefully applied coats of paint – in fact, our master painters spend more than 250 hours working on one vehicle. The result is a painted surface that exudes such seductive allure in terms of depth, lustre and smoothness that the urge to stroke the surface gently, tracing every single reflection of light, is simply impossible to ignore.

State-of-the-art electronics in legendary bodywork

The new features, the safety and comfort systems installed in the Sander, and the complex engine control system, require a sophisticated electronics system. Instead of standard wiring harnesses, a CAN bus system is thus used. High-performance control units, some of them from the world of motor sport, take over the control of all consumers. Creating an interface between conventional switches and modern control technology while monitoring hundreds of individual parameters and measured values, they optimally network and coordinate engine running, exhaust gas control, chassis technology and braking systems. The complete vehicle electronics and the control unit concept and CAN bus are individually developed and programmed.


Engine + gearbox

3.9 litres/4.0 litres
345 PS/369 PS
375 Nm / 398 Nm
6-speed Porsche gearbox (993) manual


0 –100 km/h
0 –200 km/h
4,9 sec. / 4,5 sec.
11,2 sec. / 9,8 sec.


4.250 mm
1.652 mm
1.320 mm
2.272 mm


Front rims
Rear rims

8,5*17 ET40
10*17 ET5
Front tyres

Michelin 225/45 R17 Pilot Sport
Rear tyres
Michelin 275/40 R17 Pilot Sport


Front brake
from Porsche 993 Turbo
Rear brake
from Porsche 964 Turbo

On request
Front brake
Brembo GT braking system
Rear brake
Brembo GT
braking system